Resume Template

Use the template that I developed and personally used for clients. Over the past 3 years, I've edited and written resumes for many who are software engineers or aiming to break into tech, and have seen many of the same mistakes over and over again, such as:

- Non-ATS friendly resume format
- Inconsistent date format
- Unnecessary sections
- Missing skills in Tech Skills section
- Missing portfolio projects
- Missing links

As a career coach and a self-taught software engineer, I know what it takes to have an ATS-friendly resume.

This template is perfect for:
- Self-taught software engineers
- Coding bootcamp grads who have trouble landing interviews with their bootcamp's resume template
- College students looking for an internship
- Software engineers of all levels

"Build Your First Project"

Designed for CS grads, bootcamp alumni, and self-taught coders, "Build Your First Project" equips you with the tools and guidance to build your first personal project in as little as 7 days! 

You will learn how to showcase your tech skills and highlights your unique talent & personality, propelling you towards your dream job in tech.

What's included:
- 50 Unique Project Ideas: You'll be able to start building something unique right away
- Project Ideation Worksheet: A step-by-step worksheet to brainstorm project and feature ideas and what tech stack to use
- Project Building Schedule: This tracker breaks down each step of building a project so that you finish your first project in 7 days
- FAQ: What employers want to see and how to standout from other applicants