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Meet Your Career Coach, Stephanie

Hi there, welcome to Road To Tech! Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing someone successfully break into tech from a previous career that they outgrew.

You might be feeling unsure about the career change or confused about how get from "tutorial land" to a full time software engineer job.

That was me until late 2019. I studied Chemical Engineer in college and worked as a Production Supervisor for a few years before I had the courage to leave my secure career in Manufacturing behind to do something I actually loved — Coding.

Unlike other tech career coaches, I've actually walked the path that my clients have been on. It's not easy to change careers into tech, but it's well worth it.

Nothing beats helping others land and thrive in amazing tech jobs. If you are reading this, YOU are up next!

Want to turn your ideal career into reality?

You've spent countless hours and cups of coffee learning to code, but now your stuck on what to do next... ‍‍

"What projects should I build? I have no ideas"

"When should I start applying and should I include my last career and jobs on my resume?"

"What should my roadmap look like if I want to start applying 6 months from now while working my 9-5?"

If you feel frustrated or confused, you're not alone. While there are countless resources, courses, and bootcamps that teach the basics in how to code or design, they are lacking the next steps of the journey — Job Search and Interview Strategies.

Unlike other Career Coaches, I've been in your shoes before. In college, I studied Chemical Engineering and worked as a Production Supervisor in manufacturing plants until decided to pursue a career that actually interested me. After getting laid off in late 2019, I spent the next 10 months learning to code and interview until I landed my first job in tech at PayPal.

Since then, I've devoted my free time to helping others land a job in tech through 1:1 sessions and creating content on social media that educates and empowers folks just like you to break into tech.

Our Clients Now Work At

Success Stories From People Just Like You

John C.
Intelligence Analyst to DevOps Software Engineer
Mayowa P.
Information Systems, M.S. to iOS Software Engineer
Enrique F.
Computer Science Major to iOS Software Engineer
Frank F.
IT Tech to Software Engineer
Victor A.
Marketing Student to Software Engineer
Civil Engineering Student to Civil Engineer
Myat K.
Computer Science Student to Software Engineer

What It's Like To Work With Me

Enrique F.
Computer Science Major to iOS Software Engineer
Having relevant experience and an iOS app on the App Store wasn’t enough to grab employers/recruiters attention while I was applying for iOS development roles. However, Stephanie helped me optimize my LinkedIn profile to the absolute best potential! This helped me garner more profile views which led to interviews from top companies such as Apple, Amazon, Square, Pandora, etc. She made me realize that having employers come to you is also a valid option when job hunting. Glad to say that a month after she helped me optimize my LinkedIn profile, I was successful in receiving my first offer letter! Thanks so much again!
German E.
Business Analyst to UX/UI Designer
Stephanie is an incredible tech/career coach. She taught me how LinkedIn's algorithm works when it comes to searching for jobs and getting scouted. We even did a number of mock interviews which helped build my confidence. Throughout each of my interview rounds, she was there in every step of the way. I am super grateful to have her as my tech/career coach.
Alex S.
Backend Engineer to Sr. Backend Engineer
Stephanie has the ability to quickly identify areas of improvement, giving customized feedback instead of generic tips. Her help during my interview process really gave me a good confidence boost and pointers to succeed in getting my next job.
Rachel S.
Dietitian to Software Engineer
Frank F.
iOS Software Engineer
Having tried "going it alone" in applying for iOS developer positions to move forward in my career, I found myself lacking in contact from recruiters and potential employers. I turned to Stephanie and I couldn't be happier with the results! She worked with me on my LinkedIn profile, updating it and providing fantastic insight into how I could be discovered, as well as a path to make myself more visible. On top of that, she brushed up my resume to perfection, making it far more clear and concise with my goals. Overall, I cannot be happier to have worked with her! Now I'm getting recruiter messages multiple times a week, as well as have found success with interviews and opportunities that have presented themselves. I cannot stress enough how important Stephanie and her skills were to make this possible and how grateful I am for her help! Thank you Stephanie!
Victor A.
Marketing Student to Software Engineer
Stephanie is such a Great person and professional, she took me from knowing nothing abou the job market and linkedin  with no degree to landing my first job only 2 weeks after she finished my resume, definitely worth it!

Here are the best ways to jumpstart your career:


Coaching Program

Do you have big dreams but you're unsure on how to execute? Are you looking for accountability but want to accelerate the process to landing that job in tech?

Then mycoaching program is right for you! We cover what exact projects to build, how to practice for technical interviews, job strategies that go beyond applying online and referrals, mock interviews, and an updated resume & LinkedIn profile written by yours truly.

Career Consultation

Career Consultation

Work directly with me to get feedback on your specific situation and receive takeaways with actions to achieve them.

This is particularly helpful to those who are serious about changing careers or are struggling to land a job in tech. You'll have the chance to cover mock interviews, job search strategies, and more.

LinkedIn & Resume Review

LinkedIn & Resume Revamp

Ready to apply but struggling with your resume and LinkedIn profile?

Schedule a 45 min session to review your resume and LinkedIn profile. We will dive deep what changes to make and why.

Go Behind The Scenes

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