Hi there, ambitious career changer...

You can land a job in tech

And even enjoy the process!

Alright, let's be honest...

27% of college grads end up in a career related to their major. And guess what? I always thought that would be me

At 17, I picked a college major based on my lofty dream - To work for L’Oreal as a cosmetics chemist. I spent the next 5 years sacrificing social life and sleep to finish a degree in chemical engineering. To be honest, I hated it. But at least I’d have a stable career!

Or so I thought. Over the next 3 years, I was laid off twice. That most certainly wasn’t in my 5 year plan. Not only that, I hated working in manufacturing. I hated working shift hours, despite being salaried, and feeling bored with what I was tasked to solve. I felt creatively drained.

In late 2019, when I was laid off the 2nd time, I decided that ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH.
Why spend more than 30% of my day doing something that brings me no joy? By then, I enjoyed dabbling in coding and networking in the tech community enough that I knew software engineering was the right path for me.

During the height of the pandemic, I poured all my time into coding. I spent many late nights wondering if I’m doing enough and if I was even good enough to get hired, especially in the shaky economy. I figured out how to stand out among the thousands of entry-level developers and learned to deal with rejection after rejection.

By September 2020, I landed a job at PayPal!!

I was shocked. 10 months of pure hard work with no CS degree or coding bootcamp certificate. AND I didn't get the job by applying online or referrals (my manager found me on LinkedIn). Hard to believe right? But the one thing I’ve learned for sure is that it’s truly never too late to start over.

So what does that mean for you?

The path into tech isn’t always linear!

Once I got my Software Engineer job, I noticed major gaps in online tech career advice:

- There were no career coaches who went down the self-taught route to become software engineers (they are usually recruiters or consultants with work experiences as SWEs)

- All the blog, LinkedIn, and Instagram posts on advice were the same. Nothing that really helps someone change careers the self-taught way!

- No one else was talking about how to land a job without applying online or referrals. I managed to crack that by experimenting on my own

If you’re ready to take the first steps into becoming a self-taught Software Engineer WITHOUT applying online and burning out… look no further.

Based on my experience working with hundreds of career changing clients, I’ve created a 4-step system that allows you to do just that!

Here's how Gulusmer went from Visual Merchandiser to Software Engineer

Learn how Stephanie went from Animal Researcher to Software Engineer

Learn how Ezequiel went from Legal Assistant to Android Engineer

Introducing 1:1 Coaching

This program was created by a self-taught software engineer (yours truly) who has been in your shoes before and is focused on helping someone land a developer job WITHOUT having to apply online

Here are my top 3 goals for you when you join:

  • Build confidence in coding and telling your story. If you can't convince an employer that you are confident in your knowledge and coding abilities, then they won't be confident in hiring you.
  • Land opportunities without applying online. I'll show you the "hidden job market" and LinkedIn secrets with a proven strategy that got me, and dozens of clients, their first developer job.
  • Get a job in tech! My methods aren't the typical "apply to 200+ jobs until you get lucky with one". I'll show you how to be more methodical, how to harness the power of LinkedIn, and how you can network your way into a job.

Sneak Peek

  1. Ten 1:1 calls, including your resume & LinkedIn profile review by me
  2. Access to my course (supplementary learning)
  3. Project and portfolio reviews
  4. Private Slack community with a coding help channel
  5. Mock interviews - Behavioral and Technical
  6. Resume template (the exact one I use to edit resumes for clients)
  7. Resume and LinkedIn optimization secrets
  8. Networking advice - Online and In Person
  9. Salary expectations and negotiation strategies


  • Recording of guest speakers who are self-taught software engineers, engineering managers, and recruiters
  • List of websites for remote jobs
  • "Coding interview Leetcode patterns" cheat sheet
  • "Questions to ask interviewers" guide
  • "Questions you can expect in interviews" guide
  • Data structure/algorithms study guide

What Other's Are Saying

Stacey M.
Pharmacy Technician to iOS Software Engineer
Mayowa P.
Information Systems, M.S. to iOS Software Engineer
Enrique F.
Computer Science Major to iOS Software Engineer
Frank F.
IT Technician to Software Engineer
Peyton H.
Dentistry Student to Full Stack Software Engineer
Mateus L.
Software Engineer to Senior Software Engineer
Myat K.
Computer Science Student to Software Engineer

This is for you if...

  • You've been applying to a tech jobs for months and haven't landed an interview
  • You lack confidence in your technical knowledge and interview skills
  • You've tried taking matters into your own hands through a coding bootcamp and/or building projects on your own, but just can't seem to figure out why no one wants to hire you
  • You struggle with confidence in your projects, code, and your story.

This is not for you if...

  • You're not able to commit to the job search or your portfolio at least 1-2 dedicated hours everyday. Coaching requires dedication and commitment for you to experience results.
  • You are expecting for a job to land in your lap. We will give you all the tools and the toolbelt to be successful, but expect you to take out the tools and use them.
  • Your dream tech role is NOT Full Stack Web Engineer, Frontend Web Engineer, iOS Engineer, or Android Engineer (we'll be expanding to other tech fields soon!)

Here's how it works:


Clarity Call

We'll start out with a 30 min clarity to further expand on your goals, pinpoint the real roadblocks stopping you from reaching them, and clarify the steps for you to land a job in tech as a self-taught developer.


Building a Portfolio with Personality

Showcase your coding skills, problem-solving abilities, teamwork, and creativity. Learn how to craft compelling narratives around your projects that resonate with hiring managers.


Networking Like A Human

Develop strategies to connect with people in the industry, not just as a job seeker but as a fellow tech enthusiast with passions and dreams.


LinkedIn & Resume Optimization

Discover what recruiters and hiring managers look for, especially when changing careers. Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and resume that best explains why you want to break into tech.


Interview Preparation with a Twist

Understand how to weave your unique experiences into your responses, making you memorable to recruiters.


Negotiation Navigator

Learn to negotiate for your first tech salary and walk away with a total compensation that you're excited about.

What It's Like To Work With Me

Victor A.
Marketing Student to Software Engineer
Stephanie is such a Great person and professional, she took me from knowing nothing abou the job market and linkedin  with no degree to landing my first job only 2 weeks after she finished my resume, definitely worth it!
Suhayl A.
Arabic Teacher to iOS Software Engineer
Rachel S.
Dietitian to Software Engineer
Eric S.
Civil Engineer to Software Engineer
Ari E.
Computer Science Major to Software Engineer
Get 1:1 Coaching Today

Our Promise To You

Our promise to you is that if you aren’t able to find interview opportunities by the end of the program, then I will work with them 1:1 until you do. 

We take our program seriously, but you have to show that you did ALL the work first.

One Last Thing...

You have come this far with learning to code, but deep down you know it’s time to go to the next level.

You’re ready to break into tech without the frustration from rejections.

Now it’s time to make the decision. To either stay where you are or take the necessary steps to get to land a developer job the self-taught way.

I know the unknown can be scary, but with dozens of success stories, you can trust that we are here to support you along your journey. The last step is to trust yourself enough to make your dreams a reality. 

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