1:1 Mentorship Program

Want to achieve the career of your dreams?

I know the process. You're ready for Tech. In 3 months or less, we'll take you from your current situation to success without feeling overwhelmed.

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Let's face it - Online programs, bootcamps, and college degrees rarely touch what portfolio projects you need to build to stand out among the thousands of others also looking for their first entry level software engineer job. Nor do they explain what the interview process is like, job search strategies you should use, or how you set goals in order to land a job if you don't have relevant work experience.

I studied Chemical Engineering and spent time working in manufacturing as a Production Supervisor before becoming a self-taught Software Engineer at PayPal. Unlike other tech career coaches, this means I understand how hard it is to make the transition to tech and want to help you do the same by sharing my process and tools.

My 1:1 Mentorship Program is specifically designed to take you from your current situation all the way to landing a job. This 3 month program isn't where I teach you to code or design. Instead, I will teach you how to think while building your confidence.

Depending on your situation, we will dive into how to build and structure your portfolio project, job search strategies to utilize if you're switching careers, create goals and a roadmap so that you land a job within your desired timeframe, practice interviewing through mock interviews, and more.

Work directly with me to...

  • Discover how the LinkedIn algorithm works and how you can leverage it to get scouted by recruiters and hiring managers for your dream job
  • Learn how to craft and confidently tell your story on why you want to change careers into tech
  • Build confidence in your coding or design abilities, job search, and interviews
  • Find clarity in what projects to build to attract companies to you
  • Discover how resume ATS' (applicant tracking systems) work to get your resumes past it and into the hands of recruiters and hiring managers
  • Learn how to plan the MVP of a project and how to not feel overwhelmed when working on it
  • Learn a variety of strategies to land a job WITHOUT having to apply online or rely on referrals
  • Takeaway methods on how to think outside the box when stuck on a bug
  • Discover how and where to find inspiration for portfolio-worthy projects
  • Bonus: Receive an updated resume & LinkedIn profile tailored specifically to your situation. Perfect for those who are changing careers.

How The Mentorship Program Works


Book Your First Mentorship Call For $97

This 30 minutes call kickstarts the mentorship. It's a chance for you to determine if I'm the right mentor for you. During this call, I'll get to know more about who you are and your goals and roadblocks. We'll discuss your actionable plan and pick or customize a program package that fits your goals and budget.


Build Job Worthy Projects

"What projects do I build that will help me stand out?" We'll discuss what to build and any problems you run into each week. You'll come out of each session with confidence and clarity on what you're building.


Discuss Job Search Strategies

It's one thing to land a job, but it's another thing to land interviews. Getting your resume and application seen by recruiters is tough, especially when looking for that first tech job. We'll discuss creative and doable ways you can find jobs and land interviews without applying on the company job portal or relying on referrals.


Crafting Your Resume and LinkedIn

Part of this program includes me writing your career change Resume and LinkedIn profile for you. We'll discuss why I made the changes and how your LinkedIn profile helps you stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.


Practice With Mock Interviews

Practice, practice, practice! The best way to ace interviews is to have mock interviews. 30 minutes will be dedicated to a technical interview and 30 minutes will be dedicated to a behavioral interview with a 15 minute debrief after each for feedback.

Are you ready to change your career?