LinkedIn & Resume Revamp

The key to landing a job in tech — especially your first — is a strong resume and LinkedIn profile, and unlike other resume and LinkedIn profile writers, I've been in your shoes before.

Not only have I searched for jobs while unemployed, I've dealt with layoffs and a career change (from Manufacturing Supervisor to iOS Software Engineer) and have learned many tips and tricks that you won't find anywhere else online that I've shared with dozens of clients.

Case in point - Did you know that you can increase your likelihood of a recruiter reaching out to you by replying to more of their LinkedIn messages? Recruiters use the LinkedIn Recruiter platform, which has a feature called "Spotlight" and shows them which people are more Likely To Respond.

Many companies are using applicant tracking software (ATS) to filter job candidates — and without a well-crafted resume, even the most qualified applicants can get lost. Similarly, a tuned LinkedIn profile can increase your search visibility to recruiters by up to 2700%.

On average, clients land jobs within 3 months after I've updated their resume and LinkedIn profile*

In addition, I am someone who takes the time to get to learn about your background and goals before I start revising your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Don't have a resume or LinkedIn profile ready for revamping? That's ok! Often time, folks who change careers get stuck on what to put in a new resume that they have trouble writing one to begin with. I'll work with you to build an optimized one from scratch.

How LinkedIn & Resume Revamp Sessions Work:

1. After booking, send a copy of your resume in Word format provide me your LinkedIn login information with a temporary password.

2. During our meeting, we will discuss your experiences and goals in detail. I'll explain what I'll be changing and why so that you can use that knowledge for future resumes.

3. We'll review your LinkedIn profile as well and I'll do a walkthrough of how the LinkedIn algorithm works so that you get scouted for jobs on LinkedIn.

4. You'll receive your updated resume and LinkedIn profile within 10 business days along with job search strategies.

Have questions? Need a revamped resume sooner? Email me at anytime.

* Results may vary